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Molding high quality, high finish plastic parts since 1984

A family run business with a tradition of superb customer service, Plasticor is founded on partnership and project ownership.

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Why Plasticor?

With over 30 years experience in injection molding and mold making, Plasticor is an experienced cost savings specialist and turnkey solutions provider who’s foundation was built upon partnership with clients and project ownership.


Renowned for our Research and Development initiatives, Partnership with Plasticor provides clients with an innovative manufacturing solutions supplier dedicated to Total Quality Management and product excellence.


Founded in 1984, Plasticor is a family run business offering its clients superb customer service and high quality molds and injection molded parts. Plasticor’s technical expertise has extended over many diverse industries for 30+ years.


Plasticor’s team is experienced and dedicated to your quality needs and has been thoroughly trained in conforming to ISO quality Standards. Our staff is an extension of our family, and the majority of our personnel have been part of this family for over 10 years.